Real estate legal advice

We are real estate legal advisors who provide our clients with a team of professionals qualified in each of the subjects, who can advise you in different languages (English, French, Finnish, German, etc.) so that you feel as comfortable and safe as possible on the Costa del Sol.

In the legal team, we have specialists in different areas: criminal, civil, real estate, urban law, immigration, etc.

Bearing in mind that most of the people who come to live on the Costa del Sol are foreigners, we have great professionals who can carry out all the necessary procedures for the purchase of your property, for the installation of your company, to process your residence, etc., in short, our advice for investing on the Costa del Sol tries to offer an adequate service so that the installation is as safe and efficient as possible.

In the labour team, we have great professionals who will be able to guide you in all the problems related to the human team of your company.

We will be able to give labour advice to companies, entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers and individuals.

Taking into account that legislation changes depending on the country, it is important for all foreigners who settle on the Costa del Sol and create their companies that they are well advised from the outset, to avoid making mistakes that can have harmful consequences in the future for their companies due to lack of knowledge of Spanish legislation.

If you are buying or selling a company and you have staff employed in it, it is important to get advice before reaching an agreement, as the human capital in companies is an essential part when it comes to a transfer of ownership of the company.

In the tax team, we have specialised advisors so that, depending on the needs of our clients, especially foreign clients, they can be advised according to Spanish taxation.

And if you want to create your company on the Costa del Sol, you will not have any worries with this great team, who will advise you and provide you with all the necessary tools for the incorporation of your company.

  • We provide tax management for companies.
  • We give advice to individuals as well as self-employed, SMEs and foreign and national companies.
  • We prepare VAT, Personal Income Tax and Non-Resident Income Tax returns.
  • Processing of NIE and registration with the tax authorities for non-resident foreigners.

advice for investing on the Costa del Sol

At Mar Estate Costa del Sol, we offer our clients our team of professionals, each one of them experts in matters of investment, jurisdiction, taxes, etc., who will ensure that your particular investment project on the Costa del Sol is as profitable and efficient as possible.

It has been more than 20 years since we entered this wonderful sector and have become one of the leading firms in the real estate legal advisory service.

During these years, the investment model and of course the needs of investors have changed a lot, this constant adaptation to new models and customers have led us to become a company that offers a comprehensive real estate advisory service, where we offer a 360º service, with the aim of providing confidence and security to the user, and that the investment is as safe, easy and profitable as possible.

We will make every effort to ensure that your stay on the Costa del Sol is a moment you will always want to remember.

Because, without any doubt, the acquisition of a new property in a foreign country is a complicated decision and you must be advised by a team of experts in the sector.

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