This is the region located in the easternmost part of the province of Malaga and together with eight other regions which it is made up of.

This is the highest point not only in the area, but in the whole province. 

Axarquia is made up of 31 municipalities, we are going to mention those located on the eastern coast of Malaga, although all of them are interesting to visit and live in, each one with its own particularity.


This village has been mentioned until recently for its cave paintings which were believed to be the oldest of mankind, dating back 42,000 years. In the 60’s it was one of the favourite destinations on the Costa del Sol.  

It has coves with crystalline waters that make it a paradisiacal place for visitors. 

The series Verano Azul, which was filmed in the 80’s, also gave it a worldwide fame.

Etymologically its name comes from the Muslim word Narixa, which means “abundant source”.

For hiking lovers, one of the biggest attractions is the Ruta del río chillar, a medium difficulty excursion, in which you will walk through or along the banks of the aforementioned river. Depending on the season of the year, and the sections, it will be easily passable.

Kayak excursions can be made along the cliffs of Maro, which it is advisable to be guided, or Paddle surfing excursions can be made along the cliffs of Cerro Gordo, apart from many other activities.

In the centre of the village there is a viewpoint with breathtaking views of the sea, El Balcón de Europa, named after King Alfonso XII. This is a recognisable and well known place to any visitor to Nerja.

As a natural monument of universal fame, the Cave of Nerja has been declared a site of cultural interest, and is one of the most visited natural spaces in the whole of Spain, where we are impressed by all that is to be found in the subsoil of this town.


It is divided into two distinct areas, Torrox village and coast.

Thanks to its beaches and its tourist infrastructure it is a very popular area during the summer season, it also has a subtropical microclimate that allows the cultivation of tropical fruits.

Apparently the etymology of its name comes from the Arabic Turrush.

For sports enthusiasts it has a great attraction for the large number of sporting activities from hiking to diving, which can be developed.

 Sport cannot be left unmentioned, we can mention the popular races, such as the triathlon that will take place at the mouth of the river Torrox.


The municipality of Velez-Malaga has 25 kilometres of coastline, with beaches to suit all tastes. It has quite secluded bathing areas and sandy beaches equipped with all services and amenities. 

Here you can enjoy the beaches of Chilches, delimited by breakwaters, the beach of Benajarafe with good depth, good sand and adapted for the disabled and bordering it the beach of Valle Niza which belongs to the same municipality. The beaches of Bajamar and Almayate are not very crowded as they are not very urbanised and have few services. Finally, the beaches of Torre del Mar/Las Arenas and Caleta de Vélez have all the services. 

Inland, the rural area is dominated by orchards with fruit trees, there are also subtropical crops and livestock farms, among others. 

It is worth mentioning one of the most significant chameleon communities in the Mediterranean.

The city also has important green spaces.

With 45,000 square metres, the María Zambrano Park, with views of the Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara, is the largest, followed by another large green space, the Andalucía Park, where you will find centenary ficus trees that are worth a visit and will not leave you indifferent.

The main tourist area in Vélez-Málaga is Torre del Mar, whose beaches we have already mentioned above. It has a wide and extensive promenade that allows the enjoyment of the sea and its atmosphere to be easy and desired by all who visit it.

For the children’s amusement there is a water park for a great day out, with wave pools, slides, etc. called Aquavelis.

Also on the coast is Caleta de Vélez, with its fishing port and marina for water sports enthusiasts.

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